Contact Lenses

Are you fed up with wearing glasses? Nowadays, most people can be successfully fitted with contact lenses. Modern contact lenses are very comfortable – in fact within a few days most people say they cannot feel them at all.

Contact lenses provide a natural field of vision with no obstructions or distortions. They don’t get steamed up and they are great for sports. There are a wide range of contact lens designs and materials available and our Optometrists will be able to advise you on the most suitable lenses for your eyes and your prescription. As contact lenses are placed on the eyes, it is very important that you have regular after care to ensure that the eyes remain healthy. We provide a complete package of fitting and after care to ensure years of successful contact lens wear.


We have provided some answers to frequently asked questions about contact lenses below but we would be delighted to provide further information. Please give us a call or drop into the practice.

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